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Cako offers on-demand delivery of cannabis products from your favorite local licensed retailer within 60 minutes. Get your Cannabis deliver from Dispensaries in Calgary. Order Now !

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Hello Internet friends! This lockdown has led us to be at home and bear the confusing situations either at schools, work, or daily household arguments. We can’t even help ourselves to get mental relaxation by roaming around. If you are also going through the same...

Anxiety is Our Friend.

Anxiety is Our Friend.

Anxiety is our friend. It is important to be aware of the threats that can be caused by past trauma. This helps us to lead a healthy and secure life without bothering for the sudden instinctual responses. these responses, if happened constantly, can cause severe other...

Cako’s response to Covid-19

Cako’s response to Covid-19

Amidst the increasing cases of COVID-19 across Alberta, we have manufactured our Cako's response product to keep people safe and preventive against the ill effects of this deadly pandemic.  In the last few years, Alberta has seen an increasing trend for Cannabis...


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I was having one of those days and didn’t want to talk to anyone I started Netflix and 25 minutes later my Cako guy was at my door. The rest of the day was awesome. I love this service!

Thank you Cako!

Sarah M.

Car Broke Down

“My Car broke down at the end of our date. She we were a bit on the outskirts of the city so it was going to take a couple hours for the tow truck. Cako was there in 30 minutes, and me and my now girlfriend turned the rest of that date into something special. Shout out to my guy at Cako, the ultimate wing man!”

Nathaniel D.

The Pub

“I was at the local pub with my friends, and I wasn’t feeling the drinks so I clicked on Cako and 40 minutes later there she was, at the pub!”

“Moments later I’m back chilling with my friends, enjoying the sliders.”

“Thank you Cako”

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