Amidst the increasing cases of COVID-19 across Alberta, we have manufactured our Cako’s response product to keep people safe and preventive against the ill effects of this deadly pandemic.

In the last few years, Alberta has seen an increasing trend for Cannabis retail and delivery services. In fact, in this time when people are urged to stay home to stay safe, the demand has gone to a sky-high level.

By seeing this increasing demand, we have made some clear policies in terms of Cako that are concentrated on the standards of CDCs and the guidelines of the Canadian govt. That is why anyone can easily order it without the fear of law and order. We adhere to serve the nation by concentrating on the health and wellness of the employees and customers in this tough time.


Q. So what is Cako doing?

Cako is made to protect people from the Coronavirus. All our retail partners and employees are notified to take extra care for the safety precautions during deliveries. Some of these safety measures are,

  • Sanitizations of phones and terminals after every delivery.
  • Maintaining zero-contact by means of disposable gloves.
  • Using disinfectants after delivery.
  • Sanitizing hands after touching anything.
  • Zero contact during ID verification.
  • Instead of handling phones back and forth for signature, the delivery partners will sign for the customer deliveries with the help of an ‘X’.
  • Providing contact tools for punching the PIN codes.
  • Maintaining social distancing.
  • Wearing CDC-approved face masks.
  • Making sure that the drivers and delivery partners are well informed about the updated provincial, federal, and local requirements for safety and health.

Q. What is Calgary Cannabis Dispensaries doing to keep employees and clients safe?
We are indulged day and night into the protection of the employees and clients safe. We, therefore, follow the CDC-approved COVID prevention guidelines. These are,

  • Routine sanitization of the premises and surfaces that are frequently-touched.
  • Maintaining social distancing throughout the working or retail space.
  • Taking care of the sanitization of the employees through handwash and premise cleaning.
  • Increasing on-site cleaning frequency.
  • Regular medical check-ups of the employees.
  • Not allowing symptomatic customers or employees to ensure safety. Providing home services to them for essential purposes.

Q. Can drivers leave my delivery on my doorstep?
Yes, we provide deliveries at your doorsteps but don’t leave it in the absence of the owners. This is because of a number of reasons, such as,

While we’ve worked to make deliveries as touchless as possible, we can’t simply leave deliveries at your doorstep. This is because:

  • There is a rule in Alberta to verify the identity and age of the customers. The delivery partners thus, need to verify that it’s the same person who has placed the order and is above 18 years. It helps us to combat any risk and ensure safety.
  • There is a banking restriction that is prevailed in the sale of Cannabis that says the payment should be made via Cash or Debit card. We ensure a secured transaction via stylus pens, finger cots, etc. in which the customer has to insert PIN code. One can also pay through e-transfer to us.

Q. What’s next?
The situation caused by COVID-19 is getting worst very quickly and we don’t know when it will be normalized as earlier. Hence, it is important to be creative in terms of maintaining all the protocols set by the health professionals and governments without harming the business. That is why we always monitor the rules and restrictions made in the country and evaluate the partners’ operation. Moreover, people are nowadays looking to have mobile delivery services. Hence, we are looking for faster delivery with proper safety and security measures. We urge cooperation from all our customers. We will keep on updating the latest information on our availability.

From all of us at Cako, please stay safe, stay strong, and support your community in this time of need. If you have questions please contact [email protected].