Anecdotal evidence suggests that marijuana may ease the following caused by a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • pain
  • nausea/vomiting
  • hot flashes
  • loss of appetite
  • anxiety
  • insomnia

Medical marijuana products come in many different forms, including

·         edibles, such as cookies, candy, mints, or brownies

·         dried leaves or buds for smoking

·         oils for vaporing or mixing into tea, honey, or other food

·         creams and other products that are applied topically

·         sprays or tinctures that are used under the tongue or along the gum lin

Things to consider before purchasing cannabis

·         Medical marijuana is NOT covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. The cost of medical marijuana can start at about $100 per month and can be much higher, depending on how much is needed. The bottom line is that medical marijuana can be expensive.

·         THC and CBD are present in different levels in different strains of marijuana. THC and CBD each offer different benefits. For example, CBD may be better at easing pain, while THC may be better at controlling nausea.

·         Is your marijuana grown using pesticides?

·         Are your items stored and handled properly to avoid spoilage and contamination?

·         Are your items tested for fungus and bacteria? What are the results?

·         Are your items tested for levels of pesticides?