Properly stored cannabis ensures us increased longevity and maintains quality for longer period of time. We will take a deep look at how to properly store your cannabis and prevent them from drying up.
There are so many different ways in which we can properly store our flower. Below are a few tips we have found helpful for our customers to use after they have received their flower delivery.


Glass containers are preferable


Glass is a natural substance and it’s impermeable and inert. Whenever you store things in glass, nothing goes in and nothing goes out, so when you put cannabis inside a glass jar stays just as good. Glass is also a neutral charge and will keep your trichomes intact on the flower. The speciality of glass containers is that they don’t generate this kind of static charge, so the
trichomes are safe. If one has to choose specifically than mason jars are the best opt jar and due to their glass lids as well as rubber seals. Most of the shops sell their own line of jars specifically which are designed for cannabis storage.


 Sunlight effect on cannabis


Don’t direct sunlight affect your flower


Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun are harmful to cannabis plants and there are some reasons that we are going to discuss. UV tends to damage the cellular structure of most organic compounds if exposure to it is prolonged and intense, this is why we sometimes experience sunburn when we’re outdoors for too long. While exposing the flower to a light source for longer periods of time can also result in drying out of the flower. We can keep it in the best condition by putting it in a darker place, always out of direct sunlight. When it is kept away from direct light, cannabis plants can last for a single additional year or more.



Temperature matters a lot


Cannabis flower is very much delicate, in fact the temperature and humidity in the surrounding it is stored in can affect the product overnight. It is guided to keep your flower around 77°F as humidity in the atmosphere is an important factor for nearly all plant life, it determines the climate and favorable conditions for a certain amount of species of plant to grow. When it comes to cannabis, mold is always a big issue in moist environments. It is recommended to keep your relative humidity score around 58%-62%. Lot of moisture can also cause mold also known as mildew to grow and too little moisture can cause dryness.


Containers should be airtight


Oxygen overexposure will always degrade our cannabis, which means in addition to choosing a sealed vessel, we also need to always pick out something that is neither too large nor too small for our stash. Leave the bud with some amount of breathing, but never try to store it in a container that’s much too large. The additional space introduces too much oxygen, which ultimately kills the potency of the flower’s cannabinoids and
terpenes. Overexposure to oxygen will also dry out flowers. Some amount of oxygen is alright in the jar or container, it is not required to make it vacuum sealed, although less oxygen exposure is better. Large varieties of electric and hand vacuum pumps are there and attachments which are also available for jars and which will also help us reduce oxygen exposure.


Store different strains in separate containers


Another very common mistake is mixing all your strains into the same container. While this is not compulsorily catastrophic, it could change the flavor if that is an important variable but also make organization more difficult with multiple strains. Flower strains vary a lot in many ways and storing them together can strongly affect them. If there is a presence of other strains in the same airtight container then it can also damage the
flavors and profile of each strain as they can cross-contaminate each other. It is a simple guideline to keep your supplies separate and clean. Avoid storing grinders, pipes, or other paraphernalia with cannabis. The ash and resin from burnt cannabis can linger and will result in stinking up any storage container.


Where flowers can be kept safe?


Cannabis can be best stored in a cooler as well as drier place with no exposure to light. We can also at least store it in a dark jar that can be kept light away if needed. The best choice is a cannabis glass jar placed in a closet, drawer, cabinet or it can be a cupboard because all of these are usually closed, remain dark. You cannot store cannabis in any containers but it’s best to only store this in containers having a neutral charge. Otherwise, you will be in the risk of losing all the delicious trichomes to the walls of the of the packaging of the container.


Storing cannabis jar




Humidors for storing tobacco or cigars
Near any source of excess humidity
Next to any heat sources.
In the fridge as well as freezer


Common Guidelines



Keep it out of reach of children


If you have children living with you or you have children at your home then, store your cannabis in a place out of reach from them. If you are using cannabis then you must consider putting it away from them. It shouldn’t be that difficult.



Size matters


When selecting the perfect jar, also consider how much cannabis will be in the jar. Avoid using larger jars for a small amount of bud because you are allowing more oxygen in. You have to always try to match the container with the volume of cannabis to be stored. If your stash diminishes, try using smaller jars.

As per guidelines: Ideal Jar Sizes for Stash

✓ 2 oz jar–3.5g (eighth)
✓ 4 oz jar–7g (quarter)
✓ 8 oz jar–0.5oz (half ounce)
✓ 16 oz jar-1oz (full ounce)


Do not use tobacco humidor


Though it may sound very common, it is a very important point to consider that tobacco humidors are typically made out of cedar wood. The oil from the wood can get absorbed into the flower which can affect the important flavours of the bud and take away from its valuable terpene profile. They also mostly tend to employ sponges which use propylene glycol to
regulate humidity and it can result in oversaturation of your cannabis.


Choosing retailers or order from our site


Opt retails which take additional steps for preserving the flowers with nitrogen before sealing the containers. By adding this small step preserves the cannabis longer and ensures that you see, smell, and taste it exactly the same way. That’s why it’s all about good packaging.

how to store cannabis


Rehydrate it

Sometimes, we find that it starts becoming brittle no matter how well you store your bud. Our priority is that we make sure that we’re actually trying to store cannabis for an extended period of time using safe and specified storage methods. Then we can try to rehydrate it. We can’t anything to bring back the terpenes lost when the cannabis dries out, fades in color, or loses
its aroma, but we can still turn back some of its oomph. If we store it with an orange peel, or we can also place a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto a cotton ball and drop that into your storage container or jar.



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