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This lockdown has led us to be at home and bear the confusing situations either at schools, work, or daily household arguments. We can’t even help ourselves to get mental relaxation by roaming around. If you are also going through the same situation then Cako’s Mantra is made for you.

This is made to assist people during tough times and make it easy for you to tackle with patience. It consists of certain steps that, if you practice daily, can give you seldom relief for both mind and body. It is also helpful in removing negative vibes of the situation and bringing positivity to your thinking.

We always try to make sure that the people are well informed about the benefits of Cannabis and how its overdosage can cause your reaction. Moreover, we also provide assistance regarding the physical, mental, social, and financial situations in which having cannabis will be beneficial. We suggest people follow our mantra to make your lives smooth and easy with a positive attitude. We provide vlog, blog, testimonials, etc. to facilitate you in the best possible ways. You can also utilize these mantras to help others around you.

Respire Mode

Definition: To recover hope, courage, or strength after/during a time of difficulty.

For most of the people, this COVID-19 phase is hard and difficult to go through. This is because of various problems either for financial, physical, emotional, or social causes. Whatever be the cause, it certainly eats up the mental or physical strength and we lose the confidence of dealing with them. Hence, it is important to keep a plan for any step you take and list out the possible outcomes out of that. Then you have to make your mind for all these probable circumstances so that you won’t get hampered in any way. Hope is an integral part of our lives but one needs to hope for both the best and worst things, rather than relying on the best hopes only. although we always try to get the best results out of any step, we have to be prepared if anything goes strong. Hence, it is important to make up the mind to deal with any situation with strength. We term this phase as a respire mode.

Respire Mode.

Revive Mode

Definition: To give new strength or energy to.

While focusing on your energy bestowed on the daily tasks, you often feel that you are moving towards the right direction that will destine you to your respective goals. It thereby, makes it easier for us to win on our daily schedules and maintain it perfectly. In such a situation, you also notice the revived energy and excitement in you that help in staying more focused and concentrated. Hence, you should always give all your focus and concentration on your goals to achieve it in a short time. This is called the Revive Mode.

Reset Mode

Definition: To reset mind into different ways of doing the same task.

Once you have actualized your goal, you will find it easy to maintain and achieve. Although it needs your complete focus, you need to be disciplined well aware of the work ethics. You need to set some milestones and celebrate the accomplishment of each one of them. Now, its time to break the milestones in some daily based tasks. You need to reset your mind and concentration to complete these daily tasks. That is why this is called the Reset Mode! 

Respire and give new focused energy to the next daily task and reset your life!