Moon (UP) 3.5g


Moon is our mild, fragrant 1:2 CBD hybrid flower that is grown in our Great Emerald Hall hybrid greenhouse in the Niagara region where it is hand-trimmed, hand-sorted and managed throughout the entire growth cycle with the state-of-the-art Dutch Tray System resulting in a premium flower bud.   It has an herbal, musky taste and a tropical, earthy smell. This resin-coated bud features flaming orange hairs and an abundance of white crystal trichomes.  Moon is known to facilitate relaxation and create sense of happiness, euphoria and calmness.

  • THC Content: 4 – 8%
  • CBD Content: 8 – 16%
  • Terpenes: Eucalyptol (Spicy), Limonene (Citrus), Alpha/Beta Pinene (Pine)
  • Effect: Comfortable
  • Licensed Producer: Newstrike
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